The 10’’ Lilliput-1080 is a 10’’ TOUCHSCREEN monitor from Macro Video.

There are 2 types, with the basic spec both  being the same .The difference is with or without 3G HD-SDI in/ out

Both types are 10’’ with 1280 x 800 resolution ( supports up to 1920x 1080). 16:9 switchable to 4:3  800:1 contrast ratio, Lightweight plastic housing.

Monitor  comes supplied in an Aluminium carry case with mini HDMI  to HDMI cable , 12 volt power supply, Velcro sunshade, hotshoe ball and socket mount, Desktop stand, 2x Battery adapters, Power and Tally cable and manual.

All  models have Composite  RCA in and out, and L+ R audio RCA inputs  and VGA input

Type E  has 3G SDI in and out , HDMI in and out and pro 2 software features

Type D  has HDMI in and out and pro 2 software features

The most popular unit  is the Type E is ‘’full house’’ and aimed at the pro user requiring  a versatile 10’’ monitor with 3G HD-SDI , HDMI , VGA and Composite  with L+R audio inputs .Various mounting hardware exists to mount these into rigs / on tripods etc.

10182Lilliput creatively integrated waveform, vector scope, video analyser & touch control into on-camera monitor, which provides Luminance/Color/RGB histograms, Luminance/RGB parade/YCbCr parade Waveforms, Vector scope and other waveform modes; And measurement modes such as Peaking, Exposure & Audio level meter. These assist users to accurately monitor when shooting, making and playing movies/videos.

Level meter, Histogram, Waveform & Vector scope can be displayed horizontally at the same time; Professional waveform measurement & color control to realise and record Natural color.

Advanced Functions:

Histogram consist of RGB, Color & Luminance histograms. 

  • RGB histogram: shows the red, green, and blue channels in overlay histogram,
  • Color histogram: shows histograms for each of the red, green, and blue channels,
  • Luminance histogram: shows the distribution of brightness in an image as a graph of luminance. 




Luminance                                                                               Color

 rgb his

RGB overlay


Waveform monitoring consist of Luminance, YCbCr parade & RGB parade Waveforms, which used for measuring the brightness, luminance or chroma values from a video input signal. It not only can warn the user for out-of-range conditions such as overexposure errors, but also assist with colour correction & camera white and black balance. 


Y / Luminance                                                                            YCbCr parade


      RGB parade                                                          Y - enlarged horizontally

Vector scope

Vector scope shows how saturated the image is and where the pixels in the image land on the color spectrum. It can also be displayed in various sizes & positions, that allows users to monitor color gamut range in real time.


Audio Level Meter

The Audio Level Meters provide numerical indicators and headroom levels. 
It can generate accurate audio level displays to prevent errors during monitoring.

 level meter

Audio level meter 

  Display Screen   10.1" LED IPS 
  Touch Panel   Multi-touch capacitive
  Physical Resolution   1280×800, support up to 1920×1080
  Aspect Ratio   16:9
  Brightness   350cd/㎡
  Contrast   800:1
  Viewing Angle   170°/170°(H/V)
  3G-SDI   1(optional)
  HDMI   1
  Composite   1
  TALLY   1
  VGA   1
  3G-SDI   1(optional)
  HDMI   1(optional)
  VIDEO   1
  Speaker   1(build-in)
  Ear Phone Slot   1
  Current   1200mA
  Input Voltage   DC 7-24V
  Battery Plate

 Sony V-mount / Anton Bauer mount /
 NPF Sony Type / DU21 Panasonic Type / LP-E6 Canon Type/ QM91D Sony type

  Power Consumption   ≤12W
  Operating Temperature   0℃~50℃
  Storage Temperature   -20℃~60℃
  Dimension(LWD)   250×170×29.6mm






Shoe Mount
HDMI A/C cable
12V DC adapter
Anton Bauer Mount Plate (optional)
VESA rail slot (optional) 

2013710925468471Mount plate bracket


 Mini XLR

2013831526344610Car power cord (optional)
2013710932422145 Li-ion battery (optional)


VGA cable (optional)

2013710927134480Battery Plate

2013710927421145Composite cable

20142201417317926Desktop Stand

2013710935532418V-mount battery plate (optional)

20138817584036VESA folding bracket(optional)


20142131535475077VESA battery bracket(optional)