The Lilliput BM range of  Broadcast field monitors  are designed for professional film makers and studios. These monitors have superior image quality and colour definition at an affordable price

With an Ultra HD screen panel and features designed for portability it's ideal for video review on the go.

All three BM models share the same features and specifications. Only the panel size differs

Model : BM150-4K = 15.6’’ Panel

Model : BM230-4K = 23.6’’ Panel

Model : BM280-4K = 28’’ Panel

These monitors are presented in a good sturdy Aluminium case . They do not have pro features such as Waveform, Vectorscope or Histograms etc, but  have more basic features like peaking and  overscan. All inputs are accessed via buttons on the front panel . These monitors are specified as 4K, which is only via HDMI inputs. The 15’’ monitor specifically  is  especially  well priced and can be taken out of its Alu case and mounted in a 19’’ rack, or on feet as a free standing unit.

All BM series monitors come  with one SDI input and SDI output, four HDMI inputs ( No HDMI outputs) capable of Quad view, Stereo RCA audio inputs, DVI input, VGA input and Tally input . Supplied accessories are a sunshield, 15V power supply, Sony V lock battery plate ( or Anton Bauer on request )  with a D Tap power cable, and manual.

Main Features are :

  • Up to 4K (3840*2160) Ultra-HD native resolution
  • 3 popular sizes , all in Aluminium carry cases
  • High contrast: 1000:1
  • 300 – 450 cd/m² brightness
  • 176° Ultra high viewing angle
  • Popular interfaces: 3G-SDI, HDMI, DVI & VGA
  • Wide voltage: DC12-24V.


4K Ultra-HD resolution and Connectivity

The BM150-4K monitor features the latest 4K imaging technology. Connected through by HDMI 2.0, 4K screens are Ultra HD - containing 8.3 million pixels making the resolution four times more powerful than full HD making them the ultimate in cinematic displays. The monitor comes with  the major video standards used in commercial and the video industry and can connect using either HDMI or SDI for standard 1080p and below resolutions. This gives the ability to meet the needs of any professional display solution

Image flip mode - View it your way

Integrate the monitor into your current workflow at whatever angle you choose. X flip - Y flip functionality gives you that flexibilty

4 way split screen display

The BM150-4K monitor supports 4 independent HDMI input signals simultaneously making it easier than ever to view your set from 4 separate sources.

Precision colours with 1000:1 contrast ratio

The BM series has a 1000:1 contrast ratio and 300- 450 cd/m brightness ratio, giving you sharper pictures and rich colours. Enjoy more detailed images than ever before.

Carry-on suitcase for superior protection

The monitor comes with a specially designed Aluminium flight case for greater robustness and portability. The open design also allows for  heat radiation and ensures greater reliability over longer shoots

Programmable Function keys

4 Programmable function keys on the front of the monitor allow you to shortcut to your most used functions, such as peaking, overscan, check field, image flip etc.

Wireless HDMI receiver (OPTIONAL)

With wireless HDMI (wHDI) technology you can transmit 1080p 60Hz signals direct to the monitor without the need for cables, making for a much more portable solution when on set. One transmitter can connect to multiple receiver units giving you a video village without the need for cables.

Specifications of BM Series

  Display Screen   15.6"/23.8"/28"  8bit
  Physical Resolution   3840×2160, 4K
  Aspect Ratio   16:9
  Brightness   330/300/450 cd/m²
  Contrast   1000:1
  Viewing Angle   176°/176°(H/V)
  3G-SDI   1
  Wireless HDMI   1 (optional)
  HDMI   HDMI 2.0×1 (4K@60Hz) HDMI 1.4×3 (4K@30Hz)
  DVI   1
  VGA   1
  Audio   2 (L/R)
  TALLY   1
  3G-SDI   1
  Speaker   1
  Ear Phone Slot   1
  Current   1A (15V)
  Input Voltage   DC 12-24V (XLR)
  Battery Plate   V-mount / Anton Bauer mount
  Power Consumption   ≤15W
  Operating Temperature   0℃~60℃
  Storage Temperature   -20℃~60℃

  389×267×38mm / 524×305×170mm (with case)

  Weight   3.4kg / 12kg (with case)

  / 666×416×173mm (with case)

  Weight   8.6kg / 17.1kg (with case)

  / 761×474×173mm (with case)

  Weight   9.4kg / 23.5kg (with case)

product features

Supplied Accessories


TALLY Connector201512211527132520

Battery plate bracket201615165237468

WHDI Accessories (optional)


15V DC adapter

201371092195592Flexible folding sun shade

2015122192976275V-mount / Anton Bauer mount


Carry-on suitcase


V-mount / Anton Bauer mount power cable201512211642491219

Fixing Belt20137221620253609