Macro Video Pty (Ltd) is the official agent for ABC products in Southern Africa and attended a 3-day workshop held by ABC products in Munich, Germany way back in April 2000. We have built up a good relationship with this company over the years which is now a part of Movietech AG.

In the past dollies, tracks and plenty of personnel were required to engineer the camera in motion. ABC offers an easier and lighter way to create dynamic movement in your video!

The ABC product portfolio consists of:

Balance systems – hand-held and body supported
Lightweight Camera cranes
Light Dollys
Remote heads
Please visit the ABC web site at for detailed information.

Balance systems: body supported.

The moving camera is a fascinating style in film production. Smooth movements make your videos and films come to life. ABC G force range are body supported and aimed at the serious professional person.

These units have exceptionally smooth handling characteristics ,and allows a creative “floating” style. This effect is only achieved with a camera stabilizing system.

Light Weight Camera Cranes

ABC-Light Cranes have made history in the film industry. ABC cranes were used at the Fifa Football World Cup Championship 2006 in Germany and 2010 in South Africa to capture the most important goal scenes from behind the goals. ABC light cranes are favoured world wide because of their light weight, sturdy construction and ease of portability. Thanks to quick-lock release sections, setting up and dismantling the incredibly light-weight Aluminium Titanium alloy crane, may it be 3.5m or 12m long only takes about 5 minutes

The ABC light cranes can be carried almost anywhere, and can be transported like a bag of tent poles in a back-pack.. Whether in Egypt ,the Himalayas, Antarctica, a remote African location or in a studio, the crane allows the most amazing shots to be achieved.

Brochures and prices are available from Macro Video.

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