Digital Video Editing Made Simple!

casablancaIn 1997 Macro System in Germany introduced a quality non-linear editing system: Casablanca. This revolutionary stand-alone unit took digital video editing out of the realm of the computer and into a one box solution, which is easy to use and understand.

Casablanca is easy to set up, the interface is logical and comprehensive and is genuinely user friendly and easy to use even if you are not a computer genius.

Casablanca is basically three units in one. It is a hard drive recorder, digitizing video onto its hard drive, immediately ready to edit. It is therefore a complete edit system complete with special effects, titling, audio and a host of post-production facilities and thirdly Casablanca’s with a DVD writer can produce a master DVD for duplication

Casablanca has established a worldwide reputation as a non-linear system which works out-of-the-box first time. The classic Casablanca line, all with Smart Edit is as follows:

Casablanca Avio
Avio is the entry level system at a great price with analogue inputs and is upgradeable, with a firewire / DV in/ output board. The Avio metal box chassis has a DVD writer

Casablanca Prestige
The most popular Casablanca ever ! The system includes 250 GB hard drive in removable drawers, and works with native DV, ie no compression for best quality. You can of course import S video and Composite The system is aimed at the corporate DV user, and comes standard with Firewire DV in and out, a DVD writer fitted inside and DVD authoring software. Recording time on supplied 250 GB Hard drive is 18 hours.

Summary And Further Links
For more information on the current Casablanca range which can handle HD:

English: (Note that the USA uses NTSC – these units are not compatible with South Africa. Use this site for information only)