This is a unique  product as this is an SDI switch box (NOT a splitter). The unit allows switching between 4 sources (SD-SDI, HD-SDI or 3G-SDI) to one output.

Switching can be done on the unit or via the included remote control. RS-232 switching also supported.

Power Supply Power consumption, Less than 2W, Power:5V1A
SDI input BNCSDl*2/4
SDI output BNCSDl*1
SDI standard compatible smpte424m, smpte292m and smpte259m-c
Support SDI rate 143-2970Mbls
Dependance 75ll
SDI input resolution 480i@60Hz/576i@50Hz/720P@50Hz/720P@60Hz/1080I@50Hz/1080i@60Hz/1080P@24@25@30@50@60Hz
SDI output resolution 480i@60Hz/576i@50Hz/720P@50Hz/720P@60Hz/1080i@50Hz/1080i@ 60Hz/1080P@24@25@30@50@60Hz
SDI output amplitude S00mVp-p
Switching mode Panel buttons infrared remote control RS232 control
Net weight 340g/380g
Size 138*104*42mm
Operation temperature 0°C-60°C