Smaller cameras demand smaller, compact and powerful accessories. The Ultra small, Ultra bright ‘On camera’ L-10 LED light is ideal for use with today’s DSLR ‘s


Ultra small, Ultra bright  basic Cineroid L-10 LED light :

* Dimable light output is an incredibly powerful 2000 Lumens

* 120 Degree angle.

* Colour temperature is variable from 2700K-6500K.

* Voltage input is from 6-17 Volt ( 220v Power supply optional )

* Sony type NPF battery plate standard , others optionally available .

* Don’t be fooled by its size – fits in the palm of your hand, 92 x 82 mm, 25mm thick

* Weighs only 160 grams! ( Without battery and battery holder )

* Extremely high CRI

* Accessories available


Models available

Rear of L-10 model with digital display, shown without a battery

Cineroid L-10 basic, most popular ‘Ultra small , Ultra bright’ LED light model without digital display.

Cineroid L-10 with digital display for colour temperature and light intensity, same Ultra small size, ultra bright 2000 Lumens as the basic L10 model.

LM-200 model. Twice the size, twice as powerful as L10 range

Cineroid LM-200. Twice the size, (but still compact) and twice as powerful as L-10 range.



Rear of L-10 with NPF battery







Ultra small, Ultra bright Led lighting kit

Introducing a world first : A 3 led light kit in a carry case the size of a shoebox!

Kit includes :

* Up to 3x ‘Ultra small, Ultra bright’ L-10 led lights with ball and socket hotshoes to fit on top of a camera

* 3 NPF 750/ 770 type batteries

* 1 NPF type Charger

* 2 Ultra small LED light stands for on table or floor standing ( max +- 1m)